After more than a hundred years, the American people are being completely brainwashed by those who believe the Antiquities Act should be abused to achieve the 30×30 agenda. In 1906 President Teddy Roosevelt created the Antiquities Act that would allow president’s to designate national monuments. Devil’s Tower was the first monument designated with 1,267 acres. There are currently 133 national monuments across the United States. The average size of the first fifteen national monuments designated was 2,826 acres. The average size of the most recently designated fifteen national monuments are 419,280 acres. There is not one national monument over 100,000 acres that is located on the Eastern United States. The Antiquities Act has been hijacked and manipulated to lock up and control the Western United States where the majority of our public lands are.

BlueRibbon Coalition has a long history in opposing National Monuments. Groups have painted a picture of National Monuments as a surefire way to protect public lands. These public lands are pristine and used for a variety of reasons and have been for generations. Public lands provide valuable opportunities for many different user groups such as rock hounders, mining, ranching, recreation, camping, hiking, hunting and target shooting just to name a few. Most of these uses have long histories that have cultural significance and provide opportunities for humans to connect not just to nature but to each other. Our public lands are not being destroyed, they are providing life in various forms. These lands are often substantially protected by obscurity, and National Monument designations shine a spotlight on areas that otherwise only received light use from small, local communities.

You could assume that the millions of acres that are already designated as a national monument along with the other dozens of laws that protect land, water and wildlife outside of national monuments would be sufficient. Apparently it is not, which is proof that this is much more than simply “protecting land”, this is power grab to control the land which will then control the American people.

BRC is challenging the abuse of the Antiquities Act in court to oppose the expansions of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. Since these expansions were declared, the Avi Kwa Ame National Monument was declared to lock up over 500,000 acres in southern Nevada. Shortly after that, the new Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon National Monument was designated and encompasses over 1 million acres as well as the Camp Hale National Monument. There are more proposals on the horizon that we expect to be designated this year:

Dolores River Canyon National Monument, Colorado: Size ~400,000 acres

Chuckwalla National Monument, California: Size ~627,000 acres

Range of Light National Monument, California: ~1.4 million acres

Feather River Canyons National Monument, California: ~400,000 acres

Berryessa Snow National Monument, California: Expand by ~4,000 acres

Mimbres Peaks National Monument, New Mexico: size ~245,000 acres

Owyhee Canyonlands National Monument, Oregon

If even some of these are designated it will still add hundreds of thousands if not millions more acres of your public lands into a national monument designation. National Monuments historically close roads, reduce grazing, restrict mining and use overall including camping and even hiking.

Don’t fall for the Antiquities Act brainwashing that is claiming to protect nature and preserve it for your grandkids. In fact, it is the exact opposite, environmental groups want to use the Antiquities Act to ensure your grandkids don’t get to enjoy these lands.

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