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One of the best ways to support us in our mission to fight for your outdoor recreation access is to become a member. Membership dues provide crucial resources to fight lawsuits, pay our staff, educate members, and grow the organization.

Why Become a BlueRibbon Coalition Member?

How Are Membership Fees Used?

We are incredibly grateful for the financial support that comes to our organization in the form of membership fees. These resources help us cover the overhead costs of running a national 501c3 charitable organization. We use these funds to cover modest staff salaries, legal fees, basic office expenses, and travel that is often matched with grants. Our financials are professionally audited every year and included in our Form 990.

With So Many Clubs and Groups Out There, Why Support BlueRibbon Coalition?

We are grateful to be an influential player in a field with so many other strong allies. Many of the other clubs or groups that share a common cause are organization level members of BlueRibbon Coalition, and we always try to work cooperatively with other groups. We are one of the few national groups that advocates for recreation accesss to public land on behalf of all users. We are also one of the few organizations that has a 30+ year track record successfully defending public land access in court. Fighting these cases requires years of engagment in administrative processes that most organizations choose to ignore. While it is impossible to engage in every fight, we engage in more issues, in more geographic areas, on behalf of more users than the vast majority of other groups.

What If I Want To Do More?

We plan to fight hard on every issue we can with whatever resources we have. If you want to help us amplify our work, we are always looking for allies and volunteers who want to become more knoweldgeable in how to be a successful land use advocate. If you want to be more involved, visit our Contact Us Page, and send us a note.

How Does BlueRibbon Coalition Decide Which Issues to Focus On?

We keep a close eye on all major land management agency actions that could have a dramatic impact on outdoor recreation access and responsible management of natural resources. We engage in numerous issues every week by writing and submitting formal comments, networking and strategizing with local groups and clubs, and enlisting help through our media platforms. We are also often approached by members who need our assistance with specific issues in their area.

Where Can I Find Out More About What You Are Working On?

We post our most recent efforts on the Updates Page of our website:

You can also follow our social media channels:




We will also send regular updates to our members through email newsletters.

What Are Membership Voting Rights?

Every year we hold an annual meeting where we fill vacancies within our Board of Directors. Members are invited to vote for the candidates for these vacancies, which means you have a critical voice in shaping the future of our organization.

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