The fight to keep these trails open has been unfolding since 2008, and BlueRibbon Coalition has been advocating for reasonable recreation access throughout this process.

  • August 1, 2008
  • January 13, 2017
  • March 12, 2019
  • March 23, 2021
  • Moab 2008 Resource Management Plan Completed

    The Moab Bureau of Land Management Completed the 2008 Resource Management Plan, which closed a substantial portion of off-road routes in the Moab area. The effort to close these trails is part of a long-term agenda that has been in play longer than many user groups have been using the area.
  • 2017 Settlement Reached

    The lawsuit challenging the 2008 Resource Management Plan for Moab ended in a settlement that was agreed to in 2017 between several wilderness groups, the Department of the Interior, and recreation groups including BlueRibbon Coalition. The settlement required the Bureau of Land Management to update 13 travel management plans in Utah, that would impact access […]
  • 2019 Dingell Act Passed

    Senator Romney and Representative John Curtis passed the Dingell Act which would designate Wilderness in Emery County along with designating the Green River as a Wild and Scenic river. Different portions of the river were designated with “wild”, “scenic” or “recreational” values. Recreation areas mean they need to keep recreational access, scenic means they need […]
  • Second Round of Travel Planning Begins

    In 2021, the Bureau of Land Management began the process to re-do the travel management as required by the SUWA lawsuit. The National Environmental Policy Act, otherwise known as NEPA, requires the federal government to gather public comments, analyze various options and different affects a travel plan will have on the environment both ecologically, socially […]

This Plan Has Broken the Balance of a Well-Managed Area

BlueRibbon Coalition has been part of the fight to keep Moab’s trails open since 2008. With the recent decision from the Bureau of Land Management to close 317 miles of world-class trails in Moab, we are doubling down on our commitment to fight as long as it takes to keep these trails open!


The map to the right shows the dozens of popular named trails that were closed in the Labyrinth Rims/Gemini Bridges Plan. Many of the unnamed trails are spur routes to spectacular dispersed campsites that overlook deep canyons.

With millions of acres of restricted lands surrounding Moab, this area was managed well for multiple recreation uses. This plan has broken the balance of management that existed in this popular area.

While This Plan is a Setback, the Release of the Plan is Just One More Step in a Bigger Process. Here Are Five Actions You Can Take Today to Make an Impact on the Final Outcome

RELEASE: Coalition of Off-Roaders Challenges Imminent Closure of 317 Miles of Trails Near Moab, UT

RELEASE: Coalition of Off-Roaders Challenges Imminent Closure of 317 Miles of Trails Near Moab, UT

Today, the BlueRibbon Coalition, joined by the Colorado Offroad Trail Defenders and Mr. Patrick McKay, challenged a decision by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to close 317 miles of some of the nation’s best off-roading trails near Moab, Utah. If allowed to stand,...

RELEASE: BlueRibbon Coalition Supports the Historic Roadways Protection Act

RELEASE: BlueRibbon Coalition Supports the Historic Roadways Protection Act

UPDATE - on November 16 Representative John Curtis introduced companion legislation (HR 6396) in the House of Representatives SALT LAKE CITY - Today Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced the Historic Roadways Protection Act in the United States Senate in response to the...

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Support the Fight to Save Our Moab Trails

You can double your impact by donating to one of these "matching donation" fundraising drives! Scroll through to see several great ways to support this fight.

UPLA Matching Fundraising Drive

Utah Public Lands Alliance is running a strong fundraiser to raise $100,000 for our legal fights. They have commited $50,000 in matching funds, and they need your help to reach this goal.

Red Rock 4 Wheelers Matching Fundraising Drive

Red Rock 4 Wheelers was one of the first groups to make a substantial donation to our fight to keep our Moab trails open. They have also committed match up to another $25,000. This is another great matching fundraising drive that could use your support!

Tri-State ATV Club Matching Fundraising Drive

Tri-State ATV Club is showing big support with a matching fundraising drive.

Castle Country OHV Club Matching Fundraiser

The Castle Country OHV Association is matching up to $1,000 in donations. Small local clubs can make a big impact.