Club and Organization Memberships

Official Clubs and Organizations provide foundational support for BlueRibbon Coalition. Since 1987 we have worked to be the collective voice of organized groups of outdoor recreation users. We have represented Jeep clubs, dirt bike groups, off-road racing groups, camping organizations, backcountry pilots, watercraft users, rockhounding clubs, and many more. If you are a member or leader of an organized group of recreation users we want to be your partner in defending access for all recreation users.

With hundreds of organizations that count themselves as members of BRC, we are able to be the collective voice of outdoor recreation users across a wide range of issues nationwide. Our organization members deepen and strengthen our legal standing when we need to protect recreation access in the courts. We also count on your organization’s support to give us strength in numbers.

As members of BlueRibbon Coalition, we are here to advise you on any land use related issues that need attention in your area. We give high priority to conducting field work and attending club meetings and events in areas where organizations have brought issues to our attention.

If your organization wants to be part of the fight to keep our favorite recreation areas and adventure destinations open, you need to be supporting BlueRibbon Coalition. We are one of the only national organizations with over 35 years of experience fighting and winning these fights.

Our Premium Organization Partner Program costs $300 to join. Premium Organization Partners are allowed a voting right for our annual board elections. Premium Organization Partners will also receive our regular membership newsletter and a subscription to our podcast. It is possible we will include your organization as a partner in standing on any legal action we take in your area. You will also know that your financial support goes directly to supporting our mission of keeping your recreation trails and areas open for all forms of recreation use.

Become a Premium Organization Partner for $300

In addition to our Premium Organization Membership, we often hear from clubs and organizations that their individual members also want to support BRC. Our individual members are the lifeblood of our organization, and they give us the strength in numbers to effectively influence land managers and political leaders.

We offer a $5/month membership, which makes supporting BRC easy and affordable for everyone. We encourage you to encourage your members to also become a sustaining individual member of BRC. As individual members, they also receive a voting right. They will be subscribed to our media products and updates.

Invite Your Members to Be Sustaining BRC Members for $5/month