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Our Top Priorities

We are taking on some of the biggest challenges for recreation access. If you’re aware of an issue please let us know, and we’ll get to work for you!

Fight for Every Inch - Oppose 30x30

We’re working to challenge Antiquities Act abuse and the expansion of restrictive land-use designations.

Defend Your Ground in the Stanislaus National Forest

Support BRC and the Sierra Snowmobile Foundation’s Legal Challenge to Winter Recreation Closures.

Fill Lake Powell

If you love Lake Powell should add your name to our petition to tell policymakers and politicians to Fill Lake Powell.

Dispersed Camping Access Alliance

Anti-access groups who want to shut down access to public lands in the West have made serious efforts to restrict, regulate, or eliminate dispersed camping.

10,000+ PROJECT

We’re standing up to anti-access groups in Utah and working to keep over 10,000 miles of trails open for recreation in Utah.

Western Phoenix Project

We have created the Western Phoenix Project to develop an aggressive policy, public education, and litigation strategy to empower our land managers with a better system for protecting our communities. With your help we will do the work to reopen the roads, lands and trails of the West and hold the decision makers and stakeholders accountable. Then, we will work with our growing team of organizations and allies to develop the land reform agenda we need to adopt to rise out of the ashes of this mess.

Operation Accessible

Support Outdoor Recreation Access for those with Disabilities

Recent Posts

BLM Looking to Close 195 Miles of Routes in the San Rafael Desert

BLM Looking to Close 195 Miles of Routes in the San Rafael Desert

The BLM recently announced that they would be analyzing 195 miles of routes - Again - in the San Rafael Desert. We’ve been following this issue for several years, so let us give you a quick refresher. In 2020 BLM released a final Travel Management Plan for this area....

Partners for Access

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Click on your state in the BlueRibbon Coalition Impact Map to find projects we’re working on in your area.