Proposed changes to FLPMA by the Bureau of Land Management pose a massive threat to our public lands and current uses of these lands. While recreation, mining and grazing are all recognized uses of BLM lands, the rule would designate conservation as a use on par with the other uses. This rule will also allow organizations to buy conservation leases for an unknown period of time which could threaten all other uses as well. We are working to unite as many public land users as possible against this rule. If you are a grazing permittee or mining claim owner on public land, we invite you to add your name to the joint letter below. We’ve identified four common principles that we can unite behind to oppose this rule. If you’re part of a club or association of recreation users, we need your voice joined with ours. If you don’t want to see our natural resources on public land locked up by the 30×30 agenda, we need your support.

Of course, we also invite you to send your own personal comment to the BLM.

Add your organization to the letter below and let the BLM and Congress know that this rule is unchecked abuse of power and a threat to public lands as we know and use them. By entering your information, you are providing your consent for us to include you on the letter.

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Below are the co-signers of the letter:

Charlene Hanson
Moab Cowboy Off-road Adventures
Brittni Thyfault
Q Pro Services, Inc.
Rebecca Antle
Robert Burns
John Gilbert
Utah Public Lands Alliance
Utah OHV Advocates
Steven Seligmann
Thomas Wichers
David Cutler
Don Wahlstrom
High Rocky Riders Off Road Club
Me & My Yellow JK
Mark Delaney
R & R Duners Club, Inc
Spencer Wirig
Berkshire Trailriders Association
Ecliptics Inc.
Alan Hassler
Capital Trail Vehicle Association
David Frevert
Kenneth Frederick