Fight for Every Inch

Fight for Every Inch Against 30×30

The 30×30 campaign is a major effort to lock up 30% of the nation’s land by the year 2030. Anyone who has read the details of how this plan will be implemented understands it is a clear effort to lock the American people out of their land. While there is no legislation to designate these exact parameters, the way 30×30 proponents will achieve this goal is through restrictive land use designations. There will be no bill that is presented to the federal legislature to lock up 30% of the land. These extreme groups will slowly do this, working around the clock, to designate monuments, wilderness, wilderness study areas and areas with wilderness characteristics. These designations come sometimes through executive orders, but in many cases they will come through land agency management plans. We created the Fight for Every Inch campaign to create a movement to push back!

National Monuments: Recently the Biden Administration used the Antiquities Act to designate national monuments in Southern Utah. Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears are a crucial piece to the 30×30 puzzle. 

Utah leadership is preparing a lawsuit to fight back against these designations. You can add your voice to many others letting the Governor and Attorney General know that we support them in these efforts.

Wilderness: Wilderness is the most restrictive form of land management and has to be designated through congress. There are currently several bills in Western states that would designate wilderness.

BRC is actively tracking all of these bills. You can learn about Wilderness proposals in Montana here

Wilderness Study Areas/Areas with Wilderness Characteristics: You will find as the BLM and Forest Service update management plans, they propose areas that could potentially become wilderness. We call this wilderness laundering. There are currently management plan and travel management plan proposals in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon and Montana with more to come. 

BRC is involved with these plans every step of the way. We need you to comment, to discourage the creation of these areas. 

With the current administration, land agencies are being very aggressive and rolling out proposals at a fast rate. As all of these new proposals continue, we need your help to submit comments. 30×30 won’t happen overnight with one large bill but piece by piece through these small processes. BRC is committed to fighting this every step of the way to Fight for Every Inch and we need your help.

Here are the ways you can help us succeed in this monumental effort:

  1. Sign the petition below to encourage Utah’s Governor Spencer Cox to uphold his commitment to challenge these monument expansions in court. If you will be directly impacted by monument designations, it is crucial that you let us know. We will send regular updates on our effort and additional ways you can help us.
  2. Donate to support the effort. We know those who support monuments have the ability to direct billions to the effort. We know we can make a significant impact for a lot less. Please consider making a small recurring donation to help us continue to promote this effort.
  3. Share this message with others and help us recruit others to the cause. Because we have limited time, the faster this movement grows, the more effective we will be. We will do everything we can to spread this message, but if you help us spread the message it will reach exponentially more people.