The Bureau of Land Management in California is proposing to create additional OHV trails in the Williams Hill Recreation Area. Since 2017 its estimated visitation numbers have more than doubled. There are several reasons there has been an increase in users but the main reason the BLM identified on a virtual meeting was the closure of other areas such as Oceano Dunes. Because access has been lost in so many areas for motorized users, BlueRibbon is eager to support this proposal to increase recreational opportunities for our members. Not only would this project analyze adding additional miles for use but also increase staging areas, create a motocross track for beginner riders and create an area for a possible future campground.

You can see a map of the two alternatives below and the different proposals.

Alternative A would add an additional 7.82 miles of routes with a total of 23.01 and Alternative B would give a total of 36.15 miles of routes with almost 21 of those miles being new routes. We support Alternative B as it provides more responsible opportunities for users.

You can read the BLM’s project proposal here.

Comments are being accepted until May 23rd and afterwards the BLM will choose a preferred alternative and move forward with the planning process.