Logandale in Southern Nevada is seeing several plan proposals and changes that will affect the future of OHV use. Thanks to our members, in 2021 we submitted comments encouraging the BLM to protect current OHV access. This is a popular area for OHV use and events such as the Hump n Bump. The Bureau of Land Management is now accepting public comment on the release of their Environmental Assessment (EA) on a Resource Management Plan Amendment, Recreation Area Management Plan and Travel Management Plan. We need all motorized users to submit comments by November 14, 2022 to encourage the BLM to adopt Alternative D while keeping open all current 154 miles of routes. Use the tool below to submit your comment.

With current management, “motorized and mechanized vehicle use are currently limited to existing routes and dry washes in the decision area”. There is currently 154 miles of routes. This is Alternative A

Alternative B would designate the area as a Special Recreation Management Area and would only allow approximately 60 miles of OHV routes.

Alternative C which is the “proposed action”, would create two OHV open areas that total 164 acres for both rock crawling and dune driving. Current routes would be limited to 93 miles as open to OHV. Below is the map of the proposed routes and designations.

Alternative D is the most recreation friendly, encompassing almost all that Alternative C proposes while keeping 114 miles of routes designated as open to OHV’s.

Below you will see the table of use. The BLM gathered this information in 2018. The table doesn’t add up to the current open mileage of routes which is 154 miles. We have reached out to the BLM to get clarification on this discrepancy and will update our members as we find out more.

E-bikes would be limited to OHV routes and will be considered a motorized vehicle. BRC believes that e-bikes have the same impact as a human powered bike and should be treated as such.

Camping would only be allowed in one of the Recreation Management Zones (RMZ1). The other Recreation Management Zone (RMZ2) will not allow camping but will allow recreational target shooting that will be prohibited in RMZ2.

The BLM website can provide more information if you’d like to read the reports the BLM has published.