Today (December 15) BlueRibbon Coalition filed an appeal to the Black Canyon Corridor Plan in Arizona.

While BRC and allied groups were able to improve this plan to include several important rock crawling routes, the final plan still closed ~58% of the routes in the area. Just like we’re doing in Utah, we will fight for every mile of these routes. This is the latest appeal we have filed after seeing a flurry of final decisions for travel plans in Arizona, and so far all of them are closing upwards of 50% of motorized routes. This means that each of these plans will result in a significant loss of off-roading recreation opportunities, dispersed camping opportunities, and loss of access to public land in general. We also recently appealed the Bouse and Cactus Plain plan and requested a petition to stay the decision. Our petition to stay was denied, and we are reviewing our next steps.

In order to go the distance on these fights, we need to significantly increase our support base in Arizona. If you want to support our fight to keep Arizona open, we invite you to check out the Arizona Adventure Alliance. The Arizona Adventure Alliance is a joint membership program where you can join BlueRibbon Coalition, Arizona State Association of 4WD Clubs, Arizona Backcountry Explorers, and American Mining Rights Association for $100. Each organization offers its own benefits, and this is a great way to support our fights in Arizona, and each organization has been an important partner in these appeals.