Comments are accepted until April 29, 2024. Read further about the proposals. The proposals come in response to increased visitation numbers. Five management plans. Tres Rios Field Office (FO) and Gunnison Field Office. The reason for the proposed changes according to the BLM are to, protect public health and safety and prevent damage to natural and cultural resources

The proposed rules will affect, the Tres Rios FO Resource Management Plan (RMP), Dolores River Camping Management Plan (CMP), TRFO TAP1, Alpine Triangle Recreation Area Management Plan, Silverton Travel Management Plan.

There are 33 proposed rules within the two field offices and covering various management areas. Many of them address trash and irresponsible use. Take a look below to view each rule, where it’s being implemented and the proposals. You can submit comments to the BLM through April 29, 2024.

Rules 1-14 would affect travel management planning in the Cortez, Dolores River, Durango, and Silverton SRMAs; the Gypsum Valley, Ancestral Puebloan, and Mesa Verde Escarpment Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs); Spring Creek Wild Horse Herd Management Area (HMA); the Willow Creek and Perins Peak Wildlife Management Areas; designated Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs); and the Coyote Wash and Snaggletooth areas. Mechanized travel would be limited to designated routes. However, traveling off designated routes would be allowed for uses such as camping, picnicking, and firewood cutting within these areas.

Rule 15 would require domestic animals, such as dogs, within the Cortez SRMA, Durango SRMA, and Silverton SRMA to be controlled by leashes or voice commands.

Rule 16-18 Addresses visitor day use in the Cortez SRMA and the Durango SRMA. This is a popular mountain biking area. Phil’s World Recreation Management Zone (RMZ) and Mud Springs RMZ portions of the Cortez SRMA. This would prohibit camping and overnight use in order to address trash and “party” sites. .

Rule 19-22 Alpine Triangle prohibition on camping near historical sites. Take note, “near” is not defined in the proposals yet. In addition, campfires would be prohibited within 100 feet of historic structures.

Rule 23-29 Dolores River Corridor, to preserve primitive settings and wilderness characteristics. Group size limitations, registration requirements for launching boats on the river and requirements for portable toilets and fire pans within the river corridor.

Rule 30-33 Close areas within the Cortez SRMA, Durango SRMA, and Perins Peak Wildlife Management Area to minimize big game species’ stress and impacts within an area identified as critical winter habitat. Areas would be closed from December 1 to April 30 each year. Close Perins Peak Wildlife Management Area to all entry from March 15–July 31 each year to protect critical raptor habitat.