Montana is home to some of the most beautiful scenery the world has to offer with unique landscapes and waters. About 30% of Montana’s landmass is managed by the federal government. There is 3.5 million acres of designated Wilderness. Within Montana there are also many areas being managed as wilderness through Wilderness Study Areas (WSA). Senator Daines from Montana released The Montana Sportsmen Conservation Act which would release three of those wilderness study areas.

The three areas to be released include the Middle Fork Judith Wilderness Study Area, which is managed by the Forest Service, and the Hoodoo Mountain and Wales Creek Wilderness Study Areas, which are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. All three WSA’s have been recommended for release from wilderness management obligations by the land agencies in 1982 and 2021. These released areas would be managed under general management strategies. General management would mean the land agencies would have more flexibility to address Pine Beetle issues and wildfire mitigation practices. It is far past time these lands be released as WSA’s and be managed properly to avoid devastating wildfires that will harm the landscape as well as wildlife and habitat. With so many acres already locked up under restrictive designations, it is also important for recreation users to have more lands managed for multiple use.

Please contact your U.S. Senators using our tool below and urge them to support this important bill.