The Bureau of Land Management, Prineville Central Oregon FO is updating the Travel Management Plan for the Thirtymile Acquisition Area.

From what we, at BRC understand, this area was previously a private ranch. Because it was acquired by the BLM, the agency has the responsibility to provide access for as many users possible. An alternative that considers opening all routes should be considered under NEPA. The tax revenue from this land will no longer be generated therefore, the BLM must balance that loss through the economic revenue that is generated through recreation.

Alternative 4 proposes the most open routes available for OHV use. Alternative 2 closes all areas but one to OHV’s. There is currently only one open legal route to OHV’s. The BLM needs to address the concerns of motorized users in all area and we are fighting for every inch in the Thirtymile area as well.

Another area of concern is the boat launch that is currently open to users. The BLM is considering closing this launch on the river and there will be no access to to launch boats in the future, completely restricting water use in this area along the river. We need you to make your voice heard by Nov. 24th, 2021.