November 2, 2022: ISMA (International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association) awarded BlueRibbon Coalition a grant for $3,000.00. This grant helps fund our OSV Travel Planning and Educational Podcast, which can be listened to here:

The advocacy work that BRC is involved in for public land access, more specifically snowmobile access, has affected 8 states across the country. BRC introduced 15 advocacy projects which affected 9.7 Million acres of OSV planning. 2,039 public comments were submitted in support of snowmobile access and 4 Podcast episodes were recorded with special search and rescue guests who taught the safety of snowmobiling.

This is the 2nd grant awarded to BRC in support of our Travel Planning and Educational Podcast. New episodes air weekly and can be found here:

Thank you ISMA for the support in our efforts to Defend Your Ground!

Thank you,

BlueRibbon Coalition Team