The California Park and Recreation Commission has been analyzing and updating the General Management Plan for Red Rock Canyon State Park. They have released the draft plan and final EIS and will be voting on the plan March 3, 2023.

Draft, Red Rock Canyon State Park General Plan

Under classification and management as a State Recreation Area (SRA) from 1973 to 1980, vehicle use was permitted:

  1. 1)  as a means of allowing vehicle access to certain areas in the unit for enjoyment of scenic and other principal resource values;
  2. 2)  to allow access into and through the unit for users whose vehicles were not licensed for use on public highways; and
  3. 3)  as a recreational activity primarily related to the enjoyment and challenge of operating a motorized vehicle.

According to the 1982 General Management Plan allowable uses are, “Activities that are directly related to enjoyment of scenic, natural and cultural values”. Routes were created within the park to provide access for “primary use” activities listed as: sightseeing, nature observation, scientific research and educational study, hiking photography, painting and sketching. Many people will not be able to enjoy these primary use activities without motorized access into these areas.

The plan will convert four primitive roads into non-motorized trails: Black Rock Canyon Road, El Paseo Road spur road, a half-mile section of Last Chance Canyon Road near Cudahy Camp, and Nightmare Gulch. The plan will also close Roaring Ridge road, and several routes within Last Chance Canyon.

The proposal also includes creating two new non-motorized trails in addition to the conversions of motorized routes to non-motorized. The Park and Recreation Commission is clearly bowing down to non-motorized users and need to accommodate the growing use of motorized users as well. These routes are well known and used by the motorized community and need to continue to provide access to these areas. Please send a letter to the commission and attend the meeting if possible to let the commission know this draft plan is unacceptable.

The State Park and Recreation Commission (Commission) will hold a hearing on the Draft General Plan and Final EIR on March 3, 2023. At the hearing, the Commission will consider adopting the Red Rock Canyon State Park General Plan and certifying the EIR. The meeting will be held at Lancaster City Hall, 44933 Fern Avenue, Lancaster, CA 93534, and virtually on CAL-SPAN starting at 9:00 a.m. Get all the meeting information and agenda here.