Another travel management plan in southern Utah is open for public comment until July 22, 2024. Over 1.1 million acres is being evaluated for routes in the San Rafael Swell. The Swell is known for world class off-roading, singletrack, and dispersed camping. Many routes are from old mining sites and still used for grazing by locals. Alternative D is the recreation alternative that analyzes expanding recreation in this very popular and well sought out area. We need everyone to submit comments and include routes they use in this area or plan to use in their comments. Let the BLM know that active management in Alternative D is the only option. Additionally, look through the maps below of each alternative and see which routes are proposed for closure in ANY alternative and ensure to include that route in your comment. You can utilize the interactive maps to get a more detailed view of the proposals and the trail names. Please include the specific areas and trails you love and use in the first part of your comment. Also be on the lookout for any trails that may be missing from the maps as we want to ensure those are included in your comments. You can also take a look at the individual route reports volume 1 and volume 2. Share with everyone to keep the swell open and accessible!