There is a major push from environmental groups to designate over one million acres as a new national monument around the Grand Canyon in Arizona. This is clearly another piece of the puzzle to accomplish the 30×30 agenda to lock Americans out of our lands. Not only would this land grab include federal property but it would also encompass state as well as hundreds of acres of private property. The Grand Canyon and the surrounding areas have numerous protections already in place. There are restrictions upon restrictions, a national monument will only create more restrictions to keep you, the people from enjoying these lands.

There is not widespread support for the creation of this monument although the media and environmental organizations will make it seem that this is widely popular. The clip below, shows both sides of the issue. Clearly this will affect not just recreation, grazing, and mining that occurs in this area.

We have seen how large monument designations restrict access and hurt everyone who uses the land in some form. The map below highlights the three areas that would encompass the new national monument in red:

You can see the all the land surrounding the proposal is national forests, national park or reservation land. The land in red already has layers upon layers of laws, regulations and executive orders that protect the land, wildlife and habitat. Mining and ranching that occur in this area already have to adhere to reclamation and environmental protections that are the strongest in the world. Because of all these protections that already exist what is the real purpose for the designation? Environmental groups want you off the land. All of you. Every form of use. They will do this by creating a monument and then leveraging that management into Wilderness designations.

BlueRibbon Coalition is currently litigating the abuse of the Antiquities Act and the possible designation of this monument would be yet another abuse of the Antiquities Act if President Biden bypasses Congress and makes the designation. We encourage everybody to oppose this designation to ensure that those pushing the 30×30 agenda don’t make it look like a one-sided debate.

Members of the public need to express their concerns through the form below with this monument. Environmental groups will gather tens of thousands of comments in support of the creation of a monument, we need more. Submitting comments shows a record of disapproval and sets the stage for litigation if it becomes necessary. Join us in telling Congress that they cannot continue to lock the American people out of our public lands.