The Bureau of Land Management is at it again with proposed restrictions to rope and aerial use within two of the most popular canyons for this activity in the world. BLM is proposing to restrict even more recreational use within Hell Roaring and Mineral Canyons. These areas also include popular off-road routes, dispersed campsites, and access to scenic viewpoints. By slowly eliminating access to the various user groups that use this area, we see this as a broader strategy to close access to this area to all recreation users. We invite you to Submit a comment to the BLM using the tool below in order to fight for continued access on public lands.

There has been an onslaught of public land restrictions near Moab over the past few years. Almost every user group has been under attack by public land agencies. The proposed restrictions would affect aerial uses such as, basejumping, skydiving, vaulting, parachuting, and drone launching. It would also eliminate roped recreational activities in these canyons which is anything involving ropes, cables, vectran, climbing aids, webbing, anchors, ziplining, high-lining, slacklining, climbing, rappelling and rope swinging.

Not only would these uses be eliminated within the canyons but also along the rims of the canyons and the Green River Corridor where the canyons meet. Local businesses rely on many of these activities and enthusiasts for these activities come from around the world to access these specific areas because they provide a recreational value unlike anywhere else. You already have to get a special permit for rock climbing in these canyons which still only permits climbing seasonally and in specific locations.

BLM is proposing this supplementary rule to protect the wildlife within the canyons. BLM should provide science based evidence that these uses are making a significant negative impact on the species (Mexican Spotted Owl, Raptors and Bighorn Sheep) they are wanting to protect. BRC believes that the species have not been negatively impacted by these uses and closure is not management.