Overview: The Southwest quadrant of the San Rafael Swell has some of Utah’s most remote terrain. The area is rich with varied geological features, abundant wildlife, and recreation experiences that will be remote and secluded. While some of the roads provide general access into the area, most of the routes are rugged and lightly used. BLM Route SS5158 is one of several routes that provides access into the Slaughter Slopes area of the San Rafael Swell. You will pass the burial site of someone’s beloved horse. We also encountered a herd of wild horses on the way to the Hebe Canyon Overlook. The routes in this area are likely there for access to range infrastructure for local ranching operations. Be considerate of livestock and enjoy having this area to yourself.

Getting There: You will exit north from exit 99 off of I-70. You will then travel south-southeast along Willow Springs Road. This is a well maintained road that is passable by most vehicles in good conditions. Once you reach the junction with Segers Hole Road (GPS Coordinates 38.68875, -111.17503), you turn east to Follow Segers Hole Road. On your way to Segers Hole Overlook, numerous primitive routes branch off to the East. SS5158 is one of these routes, and you can find the junction at GPS Coordinates 38.66914, -111.14076.

Route Conditions: A 2WD vehicle will not cut it on this route. We recommend using a very well equipped, high clearance 4WD or AWD vehicle for access to this route. It also provides access to some unique single-track dirtbike trails. .As always, follow LEAVE NO TRACE practices. Irresponsible recreation leads to ecological damage, road closures, and loss of access to important resources. It is important that motorized users stay on the trail and camp within a 30′ buffer zone on either side of the road.

This route report is part of a larger guidebook BRC is completing to educate users about high-value motorized trails that are at risk of closure if we don’t use them. This guidebook will be called the Lost Trails Guidebook, and has been funded by a generous grant from the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative with Jorgensen Powersports as a sponsoring dealer.