Conservation groups are pushing for 30×30 which aims to have 30% of the United State’s lands and waters locked up by year 2030. One way they will accomplish this is through wilderness bills throughout different states. H.R. 7509 the Wild Rogue Conservation and Recreation Enhancement Act is a bill that is currently advancing in Congress, and we need our members and recreation advocates to oppose this bill. Although the title of the bill portrays that it will improve recreation, it will do no such thing. This bill was proposed by Rep. DeFazio from Oregon. This bill would establish the Rogue Canyon Recreation Area where no new permanent or temporary roads can be built. It would also remove land from timber harvest that has already been approved, which will increase the risk of forest-closing wildfires. Lastly this bill will add 59,512 acres of land into the Wild Rogue Wilderness that already encompasses 35,818 acres of land. Use our tool below to contact your member of Congress to oppose this lock up of your public lands.