Last week a local Moab Newspaper published a letter to the editor complaining about BRC’s efforts to fight for our members in Moab. 

Here you can read it for yourself:

The mindset from the article shows why we think it’s so important to challenge the policies in Moab that are intended to harm OHV businesses/events and deter OHV users from visiting our public lands in the area. 

Here are key points to consider:

  • It’s not about the noise, it’s about the “tourists we’re inviting here.”
  • The OHV community has offered compromises, but according to those who want us gone from Moab, “No possible compromise can exist.”
  • Author recognizes that Grand County passed laws to make operating an OHV business illegal – not to simply regulate noise levels.
  • OHV users are allegedly worse than cocaine and meth dealers.
  • City streets are public property, but they’re not “ours.” So OHV users are not considered members of the public.
  • According to the author OHV users should voluntarily disenfranchise themselves from the political system. Apparently democracy is only a tool of enlightenment if it’s being used to promote interests you agree with.
  • The author ends by making an actual threat.
  • Also apparently because BlueRibbon Coalition is headquartered in Idaho, our access to the courts and the political process is illegitimate.

Grand County officials often recognize that they are passing their restrictions because of complaint letters, which are most likely a lot like this one. As long as Grand County leaders continue to cater to this nonsense we will continue to defend your ground in Moab.