Bureau of Land Management in New Mexico has proposed the next step, the environmental assessment (EA) to the Gila Lower Box Special Recreation Management Area. In 2022, BRC and it’s members participated in the scoping public comment period. BLM has since reviewed all submitted comments and has released the EA for the management area and will accept comments from the public again until December 1, 2023.

This area is in the southeast corner of New Mexico. Multiple existing motorized routes are proposed to be converted to non-motorized as you can see in the maps below. The maps below show the proposed alternative, however there is another alternative that is even more restrictive that the BLM could still choose. Because of the Gila River, this area is popular among many different users especially those accessing the river and wanting to disperse camp along the river. The areas depicted in the maps at the bottom of this page show the areas being proposed for motorized restrictions.

There is already an Area of Critical Environmental Concern within the boundaries and near Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas. Bureau of Land Management should not be creating a Recreation Area Management Plan (RAMP) if it is ultimately restricting recreation as a whole.