The U.S. Forest Service has opened a 30 day public comment period for the public to submit input on the environmental assessment and proposed future plan for the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. Located in northern Utah and southern Wyoming, the Flaming Gorge NRA offers boating, fishing, off-roading, camping, swimming and many other recreational pursuits. The recreation opportunities greatly affect local communities economies as outdoor adventure continues to grow across the nation. Submit your comments below letting the USFS know they need to be accommodating access, recreation and future growth in this area through July 5, 2024.

The Forest Service has proposed two options to the current management (Alternative A). Those are Alternative B, which is the proposed alternative and Alternative C, the recreation focused alternative. Don’t let this plan fool you, although Alt. B claims to balance recreation and conservation, Alternative C does not ignore conservation. Alternative C will still follow dozens of laws and designations that protects the environment and prioritizes conservation in many ways. Alternative C would create new trails, boat launches and campgrounds.

All the alternatives will protect cultural sites and resources, protect avian and big game habitat and other wildlife and species. These conservation efforts are the same in alternatives B and C. Alternatives B and C would add a mountain bike complex, designate ten new miles of paddle trails for non-motorized water users, to the area, The ONLY differences between the two proposed plans are Alternative C would construct three new group sites within the next ten years, pave Antelope Flat Road, install an attenuator (minimizes wave energy and decreases wave height) at Antelope Flat within ten years.