Another travel plan affecting trails near Moab is being considered by the Bureau of Land Management. The area is East of Moab where the Dolores River crosses over the Colorado/Utah border, and includes popular trails such as Rose Garden Hill, Buckhorn Draw, Hideout Canyon Road, and Dolores Triangle. This plan is in a preliminary stage, and we don’t have many details yet. The map below shows the routes that are currently inventoried and the routes the BLM will be considering to keep open or to close. If you have experience on these routes or plan to, we need your help to ground-truth this map and including this information in your comments below. There is also a push to designate the other side of the border, in Colorado a national monument. Local groups are working hard to keep a designation away which will greatly affect access. If the Dolores River Canyon National Monument is designated it always brings with it a push to create buffer zones surrounding the monument.

There will be a public meeting in Moab, June 5 from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. at the Grand Center, 182, N. 500 W

Public comments will be accepted through June 21, 2024.