The Forest Service in the Lolo National Forest, the Superior North district located East of Missoula and near the town of Superior, is proposing several projects including vegetation and recreation management projects.

BRC supports vegetation projects that help maintain the forest to prevent wildfires that ultimately cause loss of access. However, we are concerned with the recreation management projects. There are several routes being proposed to decommission, change to non-motorized only or only allow seasonal access. There are many miles of new, nonmotorized trails being proposed but no new motorized trails. Land agencies consistently give preferential treatment to nonmotorized users. Not only will restriction of access hurt motorized users but also dispersed camping and other forms of recreation.

Below is also the proposed map for the vegetation projects:

You can read more about the specific projects on the Forest Service Planning website here.

Comments are accepted until Jan. 18th. Please use our action alert tool to stand up against the closures for motorized users. We always recommend you add in your own personal thoughts and comments to make your comment original.