The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has proposed moving forward with designating the Chumash Marine Sanctuary in California. This sanctuary is being sold as a way to protect valuable ocean waters and species through this designation. From an organization that supports the proposal: “It is a source of food, jobs, medicine, spirituality, family memories, and the very air we breathe.” What NOAA fails to recognize is the countless laws that already protect the water, air, wildlife and habitat. Comments are accepted until October 25, 2023. Groups aren’t shy to admit this proposal is to further the 30X30 agenda. BRC has been watching and engaging on this fight from the beginning.

Because the boundaries of this area include the shoreline of Pismo Beach, we are also concerned that this designation could add additional restrictions to all forms of recreation in Oceano Dunes.

Alternative 4 encompasses the smallest area with 99 miles of coast and 4,476 square miles. BRC advocates for the no action alternative and to not designate the Chumash Marine Sanctuary. The following will be restricted:

  • producing oil, gas, or minerals
  • Discharging or depositing, from within or into the boundary of the Sanctuary, or from beyond the boundary of the Sanctuary, any material or other matter
  • feeding or attracting any bird, animal or sanctuary resource.
  • Operating Drones
  • Operating Vessels (boats, kayaks, etc.)

Matter is everything. Such a broad term can and will be used to restrict all forms of uses. Also this will be restricted within the boundary but also says “from beyond the boundary” meaning there is no real boundary in which restrictions will happen. The broad language used in the environmental impact statement is concerning for anyone who plans on coming within the area of the proposed sanctuary.