Western Idaho is undergoing travel management, which designates routes in the area of Canyonlands East in Owyhee County. This is the Fossil Butte and Grandview areas. The project area is 815, 677 acres. Known for off roading, single track, camping and access to rivers and lakes, the BLM is analyzing the majority of the routes in this area.

This planning process started in 2010 when a route inventory was completed, according to other local clubs and groups we are concerned that the inventory is not accurate with the designations of single track and ATV/UTV routes. Alternatives were presented in 2015 and there has been little ongoing meetings and interactions with the public as the BLM moves forward with this travel plan. Alternative B as you can see in the graph below, would close or restrict the majority of the current 1,493 miles of open routes for motorized users. You can explore the BLM’s map of the proposed alternatives.

This area is also very popular for backcountry pilots. These airstrips are used for backcountry aviation which assist in search and rescue and emergency response. The plan looks to designate aircrafts as OHV’s and reduce the amount of landing strips that can be used. These aircrafts provide a valuable service and leave such little impact that all landing strips should remain open.

Local government, clubs and organizations support Alternative A, the no action alternative, which will leave these routes open for continued memories to be made. We believe the the BLM should go even further and develop a true recreation alternative that expands and enhances recreation access into these amazing public lands.