Message from our Vice President Shannon Welch:

Today marks a historic moment for public land access: the Supreme Court has overturned Chevron Deference. This monumental decision could reshape the landscape of public land management and significantly impact our access to these lands, especially for off-road enthusiasts.

For those unfamiliar with Chevron Deference, it was a legal precedent established in 1984 that allowed government agencies significant leeway in interpreting and enforcing rules. Essentially, it meant that if a government agency’s interpretation of a rule was considered reasonable, it would be upheld in court, even if it wasn’t the most straightforward interpretation.

Why does this matter to us? Because these agencies, often led by unelected officials, had the power to make rules and regulations that directly affected our access to public lands. This has led to numerous restrictions and closures over the years that we couldn’t challenge effectively because the courts deferred to the agencies’ interpretations.

But now, that power dynamic has shifted. With Chevron Deference overturned, we have a much stronger standing to challenge unreasonable regulations that limit our use of public lands. This decision empowers us to hold government agencies accountable and ensures that our voices are heard in the management of these lands.

The BlueRibbon Coalition, where I proudly serve as Vice President, is uniquely positioned to lead this charge. We’ve been fighting for public land access on a national level, and this ruling gives us a powerful tool to protect and expand off-road opportunities. Our Executive Director, Benjamin Burr, and our dedicated team are already strategizing on how to leverage this decision to benefit the off-road community.

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to support organizations like BlueRibbon Coalition. We have the expertise, the legal acumen, and the dedication to use this ruling to defend and enhance access to public lands for recreational use.

If you’re passionate about off-roading and believe in preserving access to our public lands, now is the time to get involved. Follow BlueRibbon Coalition, support our efforts, and stay informed. Together, we can ensure that our public lands remain open and accessible for all forms of recreation.

This is a pivotal moment. Let’s make the most of it.