MOAB, UTAH – On September 26, 2022 a group of 11 Moab ATV businesses and the BlueRibbon Coalition filed a complaint against Grand County and the City of Moab to challenge  restrictions imposed on ATV rental and ATV outfitter and guide service businesses. 

Through the spring and summer of 2021, Grand County and Moab City enacted business license restrictions on ATV-related businesses that included limiting the number of business licenses, requiring additional identification, creating maximum sound pressure levels, limiting the number of ATVs traveling together, requiring education of customers, making business owners liable for the actions of their customers, and threatening revocation of business licenses for non-compliance.

The lawsuit argues that these restrictions are intended to prohibit the use of street legal all-terrain vehicles on city and county streets and roads, and Utah State Law provides clear protections for the use of street legal all-terrain vehicles on public roads. These restrictions also undermine fundamental rights protected by the Utah and U.S. Constitutions.

As the plaintiffs adjusted their businesses to adjust to this onslaught of regulation, these restrictions resulted in financial damages and loss of business.BlueRibbon Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit that fights for expanded recreation access for all forms of outdoor recreation – including motorized recreation. 

“Local government officials in Grand County were negligent to pass ordinances that are clearly contradictory to state law,” BlueRibbon Coalition Executive Director, Ben Burr said. “Grand County and Grand County Officials have caused harm to these local businesses, and at the same time these officials have been engaged in an effort to discourage people from visiting Moab. We look forward to a favorable result in court to provide relief for the damages these businesses suffered and to enjoin these unlawful restrictions”

BlueRibbon Coalition and 11 ATV outfitters in Moab are currently fighting a legal battle to challenge local ordinances designed to put the outfitters out of business. We’ve tapped into our strong connections in Moab to put together an all-inclusive dream Moab adventure. By entering this sweepstakes you are supporting our efforts as a 501c3 non-profit to keep the public roads and lands around Moab open for all forms of recreation.