Pocatello, ID — September 30 — BlueRribbon Coalition (BRC) is pleased to announce that it has completed the first volume of the Lost Trails Guidebook. BRC received a Yamaha Access Initiative Grant of $11,470 to fund the creation of this guidebook. The purpose of the guidebook was to identify 30 trails that are at risk of closure from lack of use in the San Rafael Desert, San Rafael Swell, Trail Canyon, and Paunsaugunt areas in Utah. Funds were used to perform the fieldwork, design the guidebook, and print 1,000 copies of the book.

A free digital version of the guidebook will be made available to the public on the BRC website, and the print versions will be distributed by Jorgensens Powersports in Richfield, UT and by request to BRC members.

Individual Route Reports can be found here: https://www.sharetrails.org/category/lost-trails-guidebook/

An embedded PDF of the print version can be found here:

Each of the trails in the guidebook provides access to a unique adventure with varying terrain, levels of difficulty, campsites, and more. By raising public awareness of these trails, we hope the recreation users of these areas will responsibly explore these trails, so they that they aren’t closed for lack of use.

“As someone who did some of the field work to document these trails, I am really excited for everyone to go discover them for themselves,” BRC Executive Director, Ben Burr said. “I found dozens of phenomenal campsites. Each trail was an experience and memory I won’t forget. I also had the whole area to myself most of the time I was there. This is what outdoor adventure is all about.”

In one area, the San Rafael Desert, the BLM has already closed one of the routes we intended to include in this guidebook because no one was using it. It has never been more important for the public to go out and enjoy their public lands.

This route report is part of a larger guidebook BRC is completing to educate users about high-value motorized trails that are at risk of closure if we don’t use them. This guidebook will be called the Lost Trails Guidebook, and has been funded by a generous grant from the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative with Jorgensen Powersports as a sponsoring dealer.