The Bureau of Land Management is accepting public comment in regards to the Johnson Hill (Gordy’s Hill) Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA). The area is currently used for OHV use and we would like to see that use continue to it’s full extent. The BLM does not offer much information regarding the the SRMA plan or the travel management plan. A map is provided for the public to look at but it does not show any detail regarding the proposed actions. This comment period is important because it is the first of five SRMA plans being looked at and will certainly set a precedent for other recreation areas in New Mexico.

Blue Ribbon Coalition is working to gather more information and make sure that the new proposals will not restrict recreation including that of motorized use. If you have information on the matter, please share it with us. We will update the public as we learn more.

Please submit a comment below supporting open access to this area by Dec. 17th. Comments are always best received if they include your own words and experiences.

UPDATE: After connecting with New Mexico 4-Wheelers we have learned that they have created and maintained a great relationship with the land agency. We appreciate the trail inventory work NM4W has done that has been shared with the BLM to ensure accuracy and validity of their maps. Because of local groups, this plan is looking to be a productive process for motorized users. This area is very popular for off-roaders and jeepers with trails varying from easy to difficult. BRC plans to continue to work with the local groups as well as the BLM as this process continues to unfold.