UPDATE: On September 29, 2022, the BLM released the final decision on the Black Canyon Corridor Plan. We are reviewing the BLM’s decision and will share an update soon.

Link to BLM Document page: https://eplanning.blm.gov/eplanning-ui/project/78300/570

The Bureau of Land Management released their Travel Management Plan last fall, which closed 58% of all routes in the Black Canyon Corridor area north of Phoenix, AZ. BlueRibbon Coalition joined a collection of OHV groups and mining organizations to appeal the plan and the BLM pulled the previous plan. In the meantime we have met with the new management of the BLM, and they are now requesting another round of public feedback on this plan. While some improvements have been made related to recognizing several technical rock crawling routes, the plan still suffers from several deficiencies. You can read the specifics on the BLM planning page.

Read our Draft Letter

Below you can read a draft version of the comment we will be submitting to the BLM. We are still verifying changes made between this plan and the previous version, but if you want a deeper understanding of the issues in play you can read the full version of our comment.

Listen to our Podcast on this Plan

We will be sending our comment jointly with Arizona Backcountry Explorers, American Mining Rights Association, and Arizona State Association of 4WD Clubs. Arizona Undertakers 4×4 Club is also submitting substantive comments about numerous technical rock crawling routes. Together we are a strong united voice for access in this area. Our four organizations have created a special membership offer in connection with this effort called the Arizona Access Alliance. For one membership fee of $100, you can join all four organizations. You will be supporting our work to keep adventure open in Arizona, you will be supporting a strong alliance that can influence the BLM to develop a better plan, and each organization offers a range of benefits to members. Be sure to check it out.

We invite you to use our tool below to submit a comment encouraging continued access on these public lands. If you agree with the concerns we shared in our comment, you can modify the action alert comment below to add your own thoughts and concerns. If you have strong familiarity with the area, we definitely need you to add your feedback and experience to this effort.