Located in Pima County, south of Phoenix the BLM is completing travel management for 177, 112 acres with routes for all types of users including low clearance, UTV’s OHV’s, e-bikes and more. The planning area is surrounded by Wilderness and National Monuments.

The BLM is accepting public comment until July 6, 2023 to gather feedback on the route inventory that they have completed. It seems as if the main concern for the BLM is reducing routes that are located in washes.

Just north of Why sits various routes that you can see in the image below that the BLM does not have inventoried. The BLM absolutely cannot do correct travel management planning if they don’t have an accurate baseline to begin with. We need those are are familiar with the Ajo area to help ground truth these routes and submit comments on specific routes and let the BLM know that these routes shouldn’t be closed simply because they were not inventoried correctly.