BlueRibbon Coalition a Sponsor of 55 th Annual
International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) in Moline, Illinois

This three-day event, held June 8th through 10th was attended by over 375

snowmobile leaders from North America. It featured meetings, panel discussions

and educational sessions. BlueRibbon Coalition again this year was a sponsor of
theInternational Snowmobile Congress (ISC)

ISC started Thursday morning with a meeting of the International Snowmobile
Media Council (ISMC). I was the CO-Chair of this meeting which featured a round
table discussion with Ed Klim, President of the International Snowmobile
Manufacturers Association (ISMA) and Christine Jourdain who is the Executive
Director of American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) The center of
discussion was the future of electric snowmobiles.

BlueRibbon had an active role in the ISC. On Thursday morning I had a special
meeting with the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA).

I had prepared a special handout booklet that I covered at the meeting. I
thanked the four ISMA members, Arctic Cat, Bombardier Recreational Products,
Polaris, and Yamaha, for last year’s grants and that BlueRibbon was looking
forward to applying again this year. I covered our continued work with
Yellowstone National Park on the Non-Commercially Guided Snowmobile Access
Program. BlueRibbon is very proud of its efforts in leading the battle to provide
continued access by snowmobile to Yellowstone Park.

In addition, the two ACSA riding groups had a joint meeting. The two groups are
the Mountain and Trail riding groups. Again, I provided an update on snowmobile
access to Yellowstone Park.
This year lunch was the first General Session including the opening Ceremony for
Congress 2023. The opening Ceremony included remarks from Sean Considine, an
8-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl 47 Champion. The Master of Ceremonies was
George Thompson. He is President of the Illinois Association of Snowmobile

Thursday afternoon I attended and joined in the discussion on an important issue
discussion at the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA). At the
Thursday afternoon meeting I provided an update on the Yellowstone Winter Use
issue with a history of the last five years of the Non-commercially Guided
Snowmobile Program in Yellowstone Park.
Thursday evening the featured off- site activity this year was a Riverboat Cruise on
the “Celebration Belle River Boat” This was a great opportunity to meet with
snowmobile leaders and talk about the next issue of the Lost Trails Guidebook
which will include a section on snowmobiling.

Friday morning, I as Co-chair of the International Snowmobile Media Council
(ISMC) I gave my CO-Chair Report at the second of several meetings on media
activities since last year’s ISMC meeting in Iowa. In addition, we discussed the
upcoming Snowmobile Shows for the 2023-2024 season. We held an election of
officers of ISMC for the 2023-2024 season. I was again elected Co-Chair of the

I spent Friday morning after the ISMC meeting talking with snowmobile vendors
and exhibitors about sponsoring the next issue of the Lost Trails Guidebook,
which will have a section on the GMUG National Forest access issue. I have many
snowmobiles related businesses interested in sponsorship.

The Friday noon general session featured Ed Klim, President of ISMA. Ed covered
the state of the Snowmobile industry. In general, sales in the United States were
up 1% last season. The industry is suffering from the lack of computer chips
needed to build products. I will have a more detailed report on Ed’s presentation
after I get a copy of his power point presentation.

Friday, after the general session I attended a workshop on Volunteer
Recruitment, Development and Retention. I also attended a workshop on the
Grant Application Process.

Friday evening was the Annual Iron Dog banquet. I attended along with my wife
Jean. The Iron Dogs are a special group of international snowmobilers limited to
100 who represent at least 10 years of active snowmobile leadership. Note, I have
been an active member for many years. In addition, I am an Inductee into the
International Snowmobile Hall of Fame.
Saturday morning, I addressed the final meeting of the ISMC. I covered
BlueRibbon conversion from a magazine to a weekly newsletter and passed out
sample copies. I also discussed our new Lost Trails Guidebook. There was great
interest in the program.

Saturday after the ISMC meeting I attended the final ACSA meeting. During the
discussion of the current legal actions I discussed the latest Legal action to
challenge the Winter Travel Plan for the Stanislaus Forest. This joint effort with
the Sierra Snowmobile Federation and ACSA is very important to the Winter
Travel Management on all Forest Service lands in snowmobile country. It was
interesting to note that the Sierra Snowmobile Federation which now represents
California at ACSA was not in attendance at ISC this year.

Saturday noon’s general session featured Mike Caplan, an Emmy-awarded
meteorologist who discussed Weather Forecasting and what will this coming
winter will look like. Mike was very entertaining.

Saturday afternoon the only session of the International Snowmobile Council was
held. All the groups that make up the International Snowmobile Council reported
on their session at this year’s ISC.

Saturday evening was the annual ISC Awards Banquet. At the Banquet
BlueRibbon was again recognized as a sponsor of ISC 2023. In addition, ASCA and
Canadian awards were presented. This was the last official event of ISC 2023.
In summary Blue Ribbon was glad to have been a sponsor of the 55 th Annual
International Snowmobile Congress in Illinois.

Jack Welch Snowmobile Ambassador
BlueRibbon Coalition