November 17, 2023 - 2023 Historic Roadways Protection Act in U.S. House

November 17, after working with his office, Representative John Curtis of Utah, introduced companion legislation to the Historic Roadways Protection Act in the U.S. Senate.

“Motorized access to Utah’s outdoors is critical for local economies and recreation opportunities,” said Rep. Curtis. “My legislation simply requires that we know all valid historic routes, which is critical to understand what areas can be accessed, before BLM makes further travel management planning decisions.”

“These roads aren’t just pathways; they’re a testament to Utah’s rich history and the pioneers who shaped our state. It’s crucial that we ensure their protection for future generations.” — Senator Mike Lee

“If the Bureau of Land Management is going to use their funding to shut down Utah’s public lands through restrictive management plans, then Congress should stop funding these plans. Representative Curtis’ support for the Historic Roadways Protection Act sends a strong signal that it is in the public interest to keep our public lands open for public use, and we hope this legislation finds strong support in Congress.” — Ben Burr, Executive Director of BlueRibbon Coalition