2022 Board Candidates

Crystal Crowder

AFFILIATIONS: I am a founding member and current club President of Piston’s Wild Motorsports. I am also a member of many active off-road clubs including: Jones Creek Trail Riders, Pacific Trail Riders, Dirt Church, Red Rock 4-Wheelers and 4XNation. I was previously a member of the Mt. Hood Snowmobile club and also served on the BOD. Previously, I have volunteered my time as a land use chair for Region 3 of the PNW4WDA, and as a WOHVA board member as Vice President and consultant. Currently, I am serving as a grant committee member representing 4×4 interests for the Recreation and Conservation Office – NOVA Advisory Committee.

RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: I have been recreating in all forms of off-road recreation for over 35 years including riding 4x4s, ATVs, UTVs and snowmobiles but my heart’s choice of sport has always been 4-wheeling – enjoying both trail riding for fun and extreme 4×4 competition. I have wheeled all over the western United States including Utah, California and Colorado and I compete as a navigator with my husband driving our Ultra 4 King of the Hammers 4500 class competition Jeep that we built in our shop with help from club members. I currently own 4 Jeeps, 2 ATV’s and 1 snowmobile and I hope to add a UTV to the stable in the future.

HOME STATE: Washington

FAVORITE TRAIL OR AREA: My local project of interest for the past 13 years has been working with the WA Department of Natural Resources for the permission to develop a 4×4/UTV trail system in the Yacolt Burn State Forest. I am also actively involved and volunteer in many OHV areas within Oregon State including the club adoption of University Firepower trail in the Tillamook State Forest. Piston’s Wild Motorsports, in cooperation with Jones Creek Trail Riders and regional WA DNR staff, has worked to create 10 new 4×4 trails on the ground and still maintains the opportunity to build 25 more miles of trails which has been documented in a planning process. This local trail system currently represents the only legal 4×4 trails accessible to the public in SW Washington.

HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: I have worked as a motorized representative with the WA Ruckelshaus legislative project geared towards improving the public lands access fee experience for the all of the recreating residents of my home state. When I am not volunteering my time as a land use advocate for off-road recreation, I spend my spare time operating the family trucking company, Freight Solutions, which I co-own with my husband Darel.

COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: My volunteer vision in motorized recreation advocacy has always been to bring the motorized voice to the table and make certain we are heard – always insisting upon equal treatment for motorized recreation. I strategically maneuver to ensure that our sport is treated fairly and honestly when negotiating, maintaining or expanding motorized access with governing agencies on their landscape. I work tenaciously to support and encourage any entities and organizations which strive to preserve and protect motorized outdoor recreation in on public lands. I look forward to an opportunity to be of service to the BlueRibbon Coalition.

John Stewart

AFFILIATIONS: 4x4Wire.com and muirnet.net, United Four Wheel Drive Associations, California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Tierra del Sol Four Wheel Drive Club of San Diego

HOME STATE: California

HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: Advocating access to public lands carries a responsibility to be part of the solution for managing the lands. As a strong proponent for participation to make a difference, I moved from working in the public sector to being a full time advocate for recreation. Participated on Collaborative Action Team (CAT) with Inyo National Forest on travel management and forest plan revision. The CAT received a “Spirit of the Inyo” award from the Inyo Forest Supervisor for participation in developing a “community based” alternative for travel management.

COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: I have a strong professional background in planning and analysis, simplifying large amounts of details, preparing written documentation of complex projects, and development of strategic plans. Committed to the highest levels of professionalism and fairness.

Jack Welch

AFFILIATIONS: BlueRibbon Coalition Life member and Past President, Colorado Snowmobile Association Founder and Board member, President S&W Adventure Riders Snowmobile Club, International Snowmobile Media Council Trip Leader, Iron Dog Brigade National Honorary member, International Snowmobile Hall of Fame Inductee, Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Organization Founder, Colorado Foundation for Parks, Board member and Colorado Awards President.

RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Snowmobile adventures, Personal Watercraft trips, Boating at Lake Powell, River rafting, Four Wheeling, Old vehicle restoring, Forest Planning, National Park Planning.

HOME STATE: Colorado

FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Yellowstone National Park in winter by snowmobile, Colorado Border to Border snowmobile adventures, Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail in Wyoming, Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. Grand Mesa, the Sunlight to Powderhorn Trail in Colorado.

HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: In 1987 I attended a founders meeting for BlueRibbon in Utah and decided if I helped found BRC I could make a difference. In addition, after joining the BRC Board of Directors and after several years a Board member, I became President of the Coalition and served as President for 11 years. I have chaired several Task forces for BRC including the Yellowstone Task Force to keep snowmobile access to Yellowstone National Park.I led the Lake Powell PWC Task force that helped maintain PWC access to Lake Powell for ten years. Most recently I have served as a consultant to the Coalition.

COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: To continue to grow the BRC membership and take advantage of our abilities to use our Legal Action Program which makes BRC a special player in the responsible recreation arena. In addition, BRC needs to grow financial support from the recreationist community we represent and additional support from the industries that also provide the equipment and accessories for that recreationist. Remember T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Accomplishes More!

Matt Westrich

Born and Raised: St. Louis Mo. (A long time ago)

Years Off-Roading: 34 years!

AFFILIATIONS: Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association, Take Back Utah, Desert RATS, Utah Public Lands Association, Big Horn 4×4 Club Ogden Utah, Red Rock 4Wheelers, Moab Friends for Wheeling, Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers, and NAMRC.

RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Full Size 4×4, but understand and respect all other forms of Off-Road interest.


FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Northern Utah, Moab, Hurricane Utah.

HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED: I was elected to the Board of Directors of the Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association, and it just kept going from there!

COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: BRC is the leading national land use organization in the country! I want to assist in making it even better by bring my resources to the table to keep us at the top and moving forward to the future! I feel highly honored to be asked to be here!