2021 Board Candidates

Rebecca Antle

AFFILIATIONS: BlueRibbon Coalition – Board Member and current Secretary
AZ State Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs – President & Legislative Liaison
Tucson Rough Riders 4 Wheel Drive Club – Land Use Chair
NOHVCC – Arizona Partner
Arizona Four Wheel Drive Foundation – Board Member
Passed member of the Arizona State Parks Off Highway Advisory Group

RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Camping, Four wheeling, Site seeing, Travel, Keeping access open, Education and Working with land managers to provide information to our users on responsible motorized recreation.


FAVORITE TRAIL OR AREA: Box Canyon Hassayampa,  Wickenburg, Arizona and Camping in the Williams, Flagstaff and Springerville

HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: Dated someone with a jeep, then bought on, then to a 4-wheel drive event and have been doing it since then. Began to attend agency meetings and planning workshops. The involvement continued from there, have continued to work with the land managers, planning processes, develop maps and other educational items,

COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: Continue outreach to the public through any means possible, continue to keep roads and trails open and continue to stay involved with BlueRibbon Coalition to continue to get the message out to the public.

Spencer Gilbert

AFFILIATIONS: Former Executive Director of the BlueRibbon Coalition and… Probably too many others to count. I believe I’m a member of everyone.

RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Side X Side with family, mainly with the kids. Single Track and Enduro (alone)
4×4 with friends and Snowmobiles (all the time! Only thing good about winter. I used to like to ski but I’m old).

HOME STATE: Well… My legal voting address is Palo Alto, California. My kids are supposed to be attending high school in Los Angeles (arts and film and things). However… With covid they’re set to start school in southeast Idaho and once our home in LA is ready, we will leave. But then again… I have an office (where we manage BRC litigation from Salt Lake City, Utah.)

FAVORITE TRAIL OR AREA: This always gets people in trouble. Once they say it, they have a favorite. I’ve been on hundreds and hundreds of trails nationwide. I cannot pick. It would be impossible to pick. That’s like asking Ben and or Jerry to pick a favorite ice cream. Not gonna happen. However, island park and Yellowstone were my favorite areas growing up. But now I can’t officially like one place over another.

HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: Oh my goodness… Trying to figure out why the roads were closed or being closed around island park (decades ago). Since then, the 5 forests of California, southern California, Nevada and Las Vegas was a favorite fight. Life is hard. Really hard. We are all tired and it’s getting more so. We need these places. We should be asking WHY instead of HOW.

COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: Giant litigation fund. Giant media deals. Huge media following. Funding for a PAC and 501 (C)(4).