Dust Devils Ride Reno 200 Event Huge Success

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October 02, 2013 10:35 PM

If I have one prediction this year, it is that the Ride Reno 200 next year is going to sell out quickly.  Gary Lambert and the Dust Devils Motorcycle Club kicked the event up a notch or three this year.  I cannot remember having as much fun at an event ever, and judging by the responses of people I talked with at the event, I'm not the only one.

Friday night dinner and band

The event this year was based at Boomtown just a few miles west of Reno in Verdi, Nevada.  It is an incredible area set in a valley with the Sierra Nevadas rising majestically just to the west.  Weather was perfect for the whole weekend.  Spearheaded by the Dust Devil Motorcycle Club, with event coordinator, Gary Lambert, the Ride Reno 200 this year had the extra twist of focusing attention on raising much needed funding for the BlueRibbon Coalition.  That was one reason I found myself there, to meet and ride (bonus) with the folks who attended the event to benefit the efforts we make to protect trails.

The trails in the Reno, Nevada, area are world class-the event is world class.  I arrived a day early because I had some other business to take care of in the area, so, following that, I had the opportunity to meet with folks as they came in.  Anticipation preceding the event was high.  So was the satisfaction level as they did the inevitable "last day after the last ride" load up the truck dance.

Lined up for Tech Inspection

 It began with a trickle on Thursday, but by Friday, the parking/staging area was in full on fill mode.  By the evening, it was an array of every manner of off-road, dual sport and adventure bike you can imagine, including my S10.  Don Amador, BRC's Western Regional Representative, arrived and sat up the courtesy sound check tent by the tech inspection area.  The event was sanctioned by AMA, and I was impressed with how quickly the club event volunteers ushered folks through sign-in and tech.  This was an organized bunch and nobody had to wait long.

Not having attended an event of this magnitude before, the anticipation meter was pegging for me and, like many others, I spent my time Friday evening after sign-in and tech inspection wandering around checking out the bikes and chatting with as many people who would.  Watching the Trials riding demos was a bonus.  When I finally went to bed that night, I was thinking that if nothing else, that experience made my weekend.  A lot of good people and a lot of cool hardware.

BRC courtesy Sound Check

I was impressed with the breakfast the Dust Devils Club provided the next morning, as I would be throughout the weekend.  Lunch tickets for good food at halfway points during the ride and dinner back at the staging area at night.  They know how to put on the feedbag for you at the RR200.  The gathering of hungry riders was a major "plus" that kept up a camaraderie among the attendees for the whole event.  They even had a band in the evening for folks to enjoy.  People congregated and talked well into the evening about all manner of things.  That is what going to an event is all about... the people.

Well, there is the riding too.  And, ride we did.  Only a few minutes into the ride, you knew you were in for some of the best you've ever had.  Did I mention, the area around Reno, Nevada, is home to world class trails?  Granted, I was riding my Super Tenere, so I wasn't doing the really challenging trails, but the adventure loops were incredible.  And, at one point, I had neglected my roll chart at a couple of critical places and inadvertently found myself on one of the harder loops.  I can tell you that was some serious business on a 1200cc monster that I don't want to do very often.  Thank God for GPS and the friendly Dust Devils' guys relegated to the role of trail sweepers to get me back on track.

On the trail at the RR200

All in all, the addition of the Adventure Rides to the event this year was awesome!  From the curvy mountain asphalt (well sort of asphalt) roads climbing up over 9K to the dirt/gravel backroads to the challenging trail sections to make it all interconnect, the adventure loops had everything and then some for the discerning enthusiast, as well as, for the novice "wannabee" expert like myself.  And how and wow!  A quick nod to the guys from the Dust Devils and attendees that I rode with on Saturday:  Now that was some schooling!  In a good way!  Where most of us have "chicken strips" left on our tires at the end of the day, they use the whole tire and then some.  Those boys know how to ride, on and off the road, and yet they kept coming back to make sure I was "all good." That says something to the character of those who put on and attend the RR200.

The dinner and raffle was second to none I've seen.  Good food, good people, good conversations, and righteous hardware to give out to those with the lucky tickets. It was a party!  Sunday brought another round of rides plus a prime place to watch the air races that were in Reno for the weekend.  Best of all, between memberships and donations, the Dust Devils Club generated nearly $5000 to benefit the BlueRibbon Coalition.  Hats off to the Dust Devils and event coordinator, Gary Lambert, for a second to none world class event and to the purpose for which they did it-to help BRC save trails!  Well done!

March 26, 2015 11:42 AM

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