BRC's Recreation News 11.29.11: News from around the country

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Alabama’s Cheaha Trail Riders creating riding opportunities

West Virginia
National Park Service to consider new park in W.Va.

N. Arizona - S. Utah
BLM plans to re-vegetate areas along Agua Fria damaged by OHV use; seeks comments

Yesterday, BRC's Action Alert subscribers were notified of a Wilderness bill proposed by Douglas County:

NEVADA-Douglas County Proposing Burbank Canyons as Wilderness in Conservation Bill

Today's newsclips have info on public meetings where you can learn more and make your voice heard...
Open houses on Douglas County Conservation Bill set for December

N. Idaho / Montana
There will be more news on this soon...
Forests adopt standards for motorized access to grizzly habitat

Forests plan to restrict access to help grizzlies

Timber company looks to swap Upper Lochsa land with U.S. Forest Service

Longtime Superior National Forest chief to retire

Vail Daily letter: Off-road trails at risk

Feds offer public land to Pitkin, Eagle counties

They may not know it, but those equestrians in the photo within the story below aren't likely to be happy with additional regulations that a NPS will bring to livestock use!
Congress to decide between Park Service or Forest Service

Off-roaders decry loss of access

Meeting will help public ID illegal ATV use

In our last newsclip, we made a pithy comment regarding an editorial that claimed the  Wasatch Range Recreation Access Enhancement Act would “remove protection.” We called that “The Big Lie.”

“The bill would remove protection... “
The big lie. Whenever you read something like that, your BS-O-Meter should be pegged in the red zone. Environmental activists use this old saw all the time. To them, any acre that isn't designated as a  federal Wilderness area is open for destruction. But don't worry... the general public is catching on.

Four members of Utah's Congressional delegation chimed in, and--sure enough--confirmed that the bill will NOT remove protection from these lands.

Second, the bill requires the secretary of Agriculture to follow guidelines established in the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act and other applicable laws.

Check out the entire response:
Tram economics

Superior National Forest chief to retire

Montana outdoors group is actually a stealth Democratic attack dog

Sad news from Vermont. We'll have more on this issue in the coming weeks...
Vermont yanks rule letting ATVs on state land

ATVs won't be automatically allowed on state lands, Vermont decides

Sleeping Giant pushing for zip line, other summer activities

North Carolina
Sen. Kay Hagan cosponsors bills for public land protection

Washington State
Colville Forest OKs South End motor vehicle plan

BONUS! -- BRC Land Use University
Wording Matters: Conservation vs. Preservation


December 8, 2011 2:36 PM

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This land is my land  - Current wilderness legislation is underlining an ideological conflict over public land use

December 6, 2011 4:35 PM

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Off-road haven coming to Talladega County?
Alabama’s Cheaha Trail Riders win award

County to feds: Let us know before land-use decisions
Before Uncle Sam makes a land-use decision in Washington, D.C., affecting Jackson Count

December 1, 2011 3:29 PM

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Over the years, most longtime BRC members develop a well-honed BS-O-Meter. Well, you're meter needs no adjustment if the needle pegged in the red zone when you saw any of the headlines on this next story. The Montana based Headwaters Economics, a well known preservation activist think tank, has released a new study.
To free up more jobs in the West, government should “lock away” more — not fewer — public lands in parks, monuments and wilderness.
That th