Thank you for joining with us to take action and save trails!

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You've made an important choice. It is
vital that—no matter what we are up against—we must not
only continue, but increase, our recreation advocacy efforts. Together
we CAN and we WILL make a difference. Your support enables us to:

  • Solidify existing relationships and develop important relationships with
    new legislators and agency personnel
  • Educate decision makers so they understand the economic value and health
    benefits of OHV recreation
  • Make certain the voice of recreation is being heard–up close and
    personal–in the media and in the capital
  • Improve our communication with enthusiasts and supporters so they know
    what is going on, what they can do to help, and help to empower them
    with the tools they need
  • Revitalize partnerships with local, regional, and national groups, to
    develop long-term solutions and work effectively toward common goals
  • Increase the work the BRC Public Lands Department is doing in the
    administrative planning process and prepare defense against any new
    anti-recreation initiatives
  • Where appropriate, call on the successful and acclaimed BRC legal team
    to defend recreation in the courts

The BlueRibbon Coalition is unwavering in its mission to effectively
shape favorable agency actions, aggressively challenge bad decisions
that unreasonably restrict recreation, and to support officials who make
the right decisions for the future of recreation.



Greg Mumm, Executive Director

BlueRibbon Coalition