Board Biographies

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TODD OCKERT, President

Todd Ockert
  • Born: Redlands California.
    Raised in: Traverse City Michigan and currently reside in Hanford California
    Years off-roading: 42 years

    In his own words...

    I grew up in Traverse City in Michigan, where my parents went off-roading in the back roads of Michigan for years, and still do, but in Nevada with warmer weather now. 

    I continue the tradition of taking my family camping and off-roading after I joined the Navy in 1984.  Since moving to California in 2000 when the Navy relocated me, I continued to off-road to this day, and take my family camping and just enjoying the outdoors as much as possible.  I retired from the Navy in 2009 and immediately went to work for Chevron in the Coalinga California oil fields as a Fieldman . My current position is of Incident, Investigations, and Reporting Coordinator in the HES department. 

    My time in the Navy gave me plenty of leadership and program management training that I now bring to the leadership position within BRC.  Within the Navy, I had leadership positions in Quality Assurance and Maintenance Control areas during my 26 years.  This military leadership and training and other training from Del Albrights Recreational Leadership Training Course and Volunteer Leader and Land Stewardship courses provide me with the basics of leading an organization.  I have also had leadership positions within my local club, Cal4Wheel, my state association, trail ride leader at different state events, club events and Friends of the Rubicon Trail Boss.

    I am highly trained in different leadership styles and how to identify others leadership roles and styles within an organization.  All of this training allows me the opportunity to facilitate the leadership and team work of the BRC Board of Directors.  A strong leader is not one that tells people how to do a job, but gives them the tools and ability to accomplish the job as part of the team, to make the team stronger.

    Some of my advanced training in the Navy and Chevron have included facilitation of large groups.  This training assists in helping keep groups focused and moving forward with ideas, plans, actions and the ability to reach our milestones or the finish line. 

    I Co-Founded Access Army with Del Albright that is a virtual friends group to support organizations like BRC.  We work to bring all groups together and facilitate land use education across all organizations. 

    I represented BRC in the inaugural RallyVenture 2014 in Reno Nevada.

    I currently have a Masters of Business from Columbia College of Missouri, along with a Bachelor of Arts in general education and minors in Computer Information Systems and Business/Marketing.  I have also just recently completed an Associates in Science in Environmental studies.

    I am married to a wonderful lady by the name of Larisa who grew up in Tulare California.  I am lucky to have her and she supports my efforts to keep trails open and the leadership aspirations in the OHV world.

    Todd Ockert

JACK WELCH, Vice President

Jack Welch
  • AFFILIATIONS: Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Association, COHVCO, Coloroado Snowmobile Association Director of Land Use and Legislative Activities, BlueRibbon Western Region Representative, Former President of the BlueRibbon Coalition (1996-2007).

  • RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Snowmobiling, Personal Watercraft, some 4WD use.
  • HOME STATE: Colorado & Wyoming
  • FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Rabbit Ears Pass, Colorado; Snowy Range, Wyoming; Iditarod Trail, Nome to Anchorage, Alaska.
  • HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED: BRC was founded at the same time as COHVCO, and I joined BRC just after COHVCO got off the ground.
  • COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: I feel we have made a lot of progress, and look forward to another period of growth over the years to come.


Joni Mogstad
  • AFFILIATIONS: Oregon State Snowmobile Association, Oregon Lands Coalition, Oregon Recreation Coalition, Bureau of Land Management Resource Advisory Committee

  • RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Snowmobiling, fishing, adventure travel
  • HOME STATE: Oregon
  • FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Trails and Coastal rivers in Oregon.
  • HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED: Joani DuFord enlisted my help with the annual conference when it was held in Portland, Oregon
  • COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: Through the last 12 years, I've helped BlueRibbon grow from a fledgling Western states organization to a Nationally recognized force in the recreational access arena. I've done that by helping others stay focused on fiscal responsibility and professionalism and by offering my experience in these areas whenever the opportunity presents itself. My goals for the BlueRibbon Coalition's future ore to continue ordered growth , maintain a sound financial base, remember our mission, fight for access and attend to the needs of our members. An ability to put a BlueRibbon presence on the ground in areas where members are not prepared or unable to respond to local threats is a long term goal.

DANNY HALE, Secretary

Danny Hale
  • My passion for ATVing has lead to a career in trail management. I am currently the Executive Director of the Vermont ATV Sportsman's Association (VASA). I also serve as a volunteer in several different capacities. 

  • I also sit on several sub-committees and boards at the local, state, and national level, allowing me to gain a wealth of knowledge involving recreation in Vermont.

    I often describe myself as a "true multi-use guy." My philosophy is simple; there is not enough land, time or money for each user group to build their own trail system, so let's all work together and do what is best for everyone. With that in mind, I have worked hard to gain as much knowledge as possible regarding all trails and recreation. I am very familiar with Federal, State, and Local recreation plans along with a fair recollection of Vermont Statutes pertaining to trails. Vermont does not currently support motorized use on public lands, and I am very anxious to expand my knowledge in this area in an effort to further educate Vermont to the many benefits of legal motorized and multi-use trails.

    I feel that I am a very qualified candidate for a position on the board of the Blue Ribbon Coalition. I feel that my knowledge of trails, recreation, and laws, combined with my years of experience in the trail industry would make me a valuable asset.

    Danny Hale
    Executive Director, Vermont All-Terrain Vehicle Sportsman's Association (VASA)

  • (see Danny's full resume here)

CHAD BOOTH, Board Member

Chad Booth
  • I have been active in land use issues in the west since the year 2000, and aware of the land access issues since the passage of FLPMA in 1976. I now feel that it is time for me to lend my talents and resources to help secure and protect access to public lands in the west. I have served on various boards and committees such as the Multiple Access and Conservation Coalition, Take Back Utah movement and have produced several television news stories about access including a 1 hour and a half hour documentary revealing the true nature of wilderness designations.

    I believe with my knowledge and background of non-profit groups, land access and media that I can bring a great deal to the table as a board member of BRC.

    Chad Booth
    (view resume)

WAYNE R. BRISKE, Board Member

Wayne Briske
  • AFFILIATIONS: I am the NOHVCC-State Partner for Florida and also served on the Board of Directors for several years. I am active in the State of Florida Off Highway Vehicle Committee and previously served as the Chairman for this group. I am a member of the Florida Trail Riders (FTR) and Southern Enduro Riders Association (SERA). I am currently serving as the Treasurer for the Florida Outdoor Recreation Coalition. I am a member of the North Florida South Alabama Motorcycle Club and was previously the club President for 8 years. I am a member of the Clear Creek OHV Riders Club and a founding member of the Clear Creek OHV Riding Area.

  • RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: My interest include: Riding/Racing Off Road Motorcycles & ATV's, Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Mountain Biking, outdoor survival skills 4wd's, and canoeing/kayaking. I am also an National Rifle Association Firearms instructor and teach Concealed Weapons Permit Classes in Florida.
  • HOME STATE: Life long resident of Florida.
  • FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: I've had the pleasure to ride or race in over 30 states so I have lots of great memories.
  • HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED: I have been riding since I was 10 years old and I first got involved as a club member doing volunteer work at a local riding area in Central Florida. When I moved to the Panhandle of Florida I realized there was a great demand for legal riding areas. I then became President of the local club and began working with other local, state and national groups. Once I was appointed to the Florida OHV Committee I was able to begin to influence positive change and cooperation with the state agencies and rider groups. My biggest achievement has been being the founding member of the Clear Creek OHV Riding Area in NW FL. I worked on this project for over 10 years and have progressed from the original purchase of the land through development of the riding area. Scheduled to open to the public in late 2014.
  • COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: My goal for BRC would be to help expand the network of membership and influence into the Southeastern United States. I think the organization has a lot to offer the enthusiast in this area and will work to promote it to reach these groups.


William Kaeppner
  • AFFILIATIONS: AMA ATV congressman district 11. BOD NOHVCC. President Ohio Motorized Trails association (a 501 3c) President Buckeye Dualsporters. Seat on the Ohio (SRV) Special Recreational Vehicle fund board. Past commander American Legion post 78 Logan Ohio. Regional solid waste planning committee.
  • RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Adventure and dualsport MC. ATV and 4x4.
  • HOME STATE: Ohio
  • FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Vinton, Hocking, Athens, Perry counties Ohio and my back yard. The Colorado 500 area with Wally Dallenbach and friends Also Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas Baja California With Malcolm Smith and places I want to go.
  • HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED: In 1972 Ohio was one of the first states to make all publicly owned property closed unless posted open.
  • COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: Make off-road recreation relevant.

KAY LLOYD, Board Member

Kay Lloyd
  • AFFILIATIONS (Current/Recent): Board Member of the Upper Kittitas County Senior Center, Secretary of the Kittitas Grooming Council, Secretary/Treasurer of the Nimpo Lake Homeowners (B.C., Canada), Secretary of  the Summerside Homeowners, and Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator of the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Rails to Ales Brewfest in South Cle Elum. Secretary of the Yellowstone Task Force to keep Yellowstone open for snowmobiling.

  • (Previous): Former President of Washington State Snowmobile Association (WSSA, 1986-1988). Former Chair of the International Snowmobile Council (ISC, 1994-1996). Worked with a committee formed the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (1995-1997). Former Chair of American Trails (1997-2002). Appointed by President & Mrs Clinton to the Millennium Trail Committee (1998-2000). Elected the 1st President of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (1998-2000). Inducted into the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame (1999).
  • RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Snowmobiling, jeeping, going to the ocean. traveling in my 5th Wheel, going on Cruises, watching professional football (Seahawks) and baseball (Mariners) games, movies, attending concerts, watching a sunset, enjoying a sunrise, traveling and just living life as an adventure. Gardening, travel, & grandkids!
  • HOME STATE: Washington
  • HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED: In 1987 I helped start the BlueRibbon Coalition at the Harris Cabin in Island Park. Sat on the first Board of Directors meeting.

JOHN PARRINELLO (aka "JP"), Board Member

John Parrinello
  • AFFILIATIONS: NOHVCC-State Partner, New Jersey Off Highway Vehicle Association- Founder ,VP & Advocacy Director, NJ Trail Council- Motorized Rep ,NJ Trails Plan Steering Committee, NJ Trails Council ORV Sub-Committee, AMA,ATVA,NRA ASI Safety Instructor, Tread Lightly Tread Trainer. National President – Wheelers for the Wounded, President – Wheelers for the Wounded NJ, Founder - Northeast OHV Congress (a collaboration of northeast trail users)  North Jersey Jeep Club- Land Use Chair.

  • RECREATIONAL INTERESTS:  Wheeling, ATV/Motorcycle riding, Softball, Target Shooting, camping. Working with our nations wounded warriors.
  • HOME STATE: New Jersey
  • FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Too many to mention. Never met a trail I didn`t like.
  • HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED: I have been riding dirt bikes then quads for about 40 plus years and wheeling for more than 20 and have been involved with access issues for a good part of them. As I had been working issues in NJ, I realized we didn`t have a state association so after beating my head against the wall for years pretty much by myself, I reached out to BRC, NOHVCC, AMA and other groups for help and they all came up big for us in New Jersey, helping us start a state association which is a key element to preserving trails.
  • COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: Board member for the past five years, with two as VP and more as President. There is much work still to be done here at BRC. BRC has done so much over the years, and I would like to help that continue and to help collaborative efforts with all trail users in jeopardy of losing trails. The access issues we suffer are the same all over and we need to join together to save our trails. I want to be sure our members know that they have somewhere to turn when their trails are at risk of being shut down and that is the BlueRibbon Coalition.

JOHN STEWART, Board Member

John Stewart
  • AFFILIATIONS: and, United Four Wheel Drive Associations, California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Tierra del Sol Four Wheel Drive Club of San Diego

  • HOME STATE: California
  • HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED: Advocating access to public lands carries a responsibility to be part of the solution for managing the lands. As a strong proponent for participation to make a difference, I moved from working in the public sector to being a full time advocate for recreation. Participated on Collaborative Action Team (CAT) with Inyo National Forest on travel management and forest plan revision. The CAT received a "Spirit of the Inyo" award from the Inyo Forest Supervisor for participation in developing a "community based" alternative for travel management.
  • COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: I have a strong professional background in planning and analysis, simplifying large amounts of details, preparing written documentation of complex projects, and development of strategic plans. Committed to the highest levels of professionalism and fairness.

DAN THOMAS, Board Member

Dan Thomas
  • In his own words...

    I am interested in being a BlueRibbon Coalition board member so I can have a more direct involvement in fund-raising and membership drives that protect our recreational access. I feel like I can leverage the resources I have at my company, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, to create innovative campaigns for improved response rates when contacting the members of BlueRibbon Coalition.

    Dan Thomas 
    Rocky Mountain ATV/MC 

MATT J. WESTRICH ("The Big Sarge"), Board Member

Matthew J Westrich
  • Born and Raised: St. Louis Mo. (A long time ago)
    Years Off-Roading: 34 years!

  • AFFILIATIONS: Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association, Take Back Utah, Desert RATS, Utah Public Lands Association, Big Horn 4x4 Club Ogden Utah, Red Rock 4Wheelers, Moab Friends for Wheeling, Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers, and NAMRC.

  • RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Full Size 4x4, but understand and respect all other forms of Off-Road interest.
  • HOME STATE: Utah
  • FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Northern Utah, Moab, Hurricane Utah.
  • HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED: I was elected to the Board of Directors of the Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association, and it just kept going from there!
  • COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: BRC is the leading national Landuse organization in the country! I want to assist in making it even better by bring my resources to the table to keep us at the top and moving forward to the future! I feel highly honored to be asked to be here!